Thank you for visiting this website,  This is the official website for the novels, Legend, Hunter, and Guardian, or The Hunter Trilogy, by David Wood.

The Hunter Trilogy is made up of three books, Legend, Hunter and Guardian, and is the story about anthropomorphic (talking) wolves who are living and surviving in 1960’s Minnesota. It is about a particular pack, the Pawsore Pack, and, separate of that pack, a large, scarred, renegade wolf the others call Cloudwalker—considered, by the wolves, to be their legend. It is similar to Kipling’s The Jungle Book, or Richard Adams’s Watership Down, but it is not a children’s story, and has instances of violence, profanity, one sexual event, and drug use.

In the trilogy, a wolf trapper, named Jessie “Cutter” Armstrong, is trying to catch the giant outlaw wolf, the one the humans call the “Shadow Wolf” the same wolf that other wolves know as Cloudwalker, among other names, but the outlaw wolf is too elusive. The large, crazed wolf closes traps, buries poisoned meat, and leads other hunters away from the packs they are hunting. Meanwhile, another man, Dean Hoover, is trying to save the renegade wolf, as well as other wolves, while dealing with his own family tragedy.

A new movie, called “Alpha,” which came out in 2018, is a story about a man and a wolf in a prehistoric land. The man and wolf learn to cooperate with each other to survive the cold and harsh landscape. If you liked that movie, I am sure you will like the Hunter Trilogy, Legend, Hunter, and Guardian. The trilogy takes place in the nineteen sixties, not prehistory, and in Minnesota, but it is just as wild, harrowing and adventurous.  

Legend came out in 2012 and is presently available on www.Amazon.Com.  It was published through Sirena Press ( ).  This book is about anthropomorphic wolves in nineteen sixties' Minnesota, dealing with their world and surviving the onslaught of men who do not understand them or the purpose they play in the natural world.   It follows several characters, some of them human, some of them wolves, as their lives intertwine and disconnect in their mutual journey to a final fate for them all.  

Hunter, published in 2015, is the sequel to Legend, and the pivotal novel of the trilogy. It continues the story of the four main characters in the first book as they grow aware of each other and as situations intensify.   

Guardian, published in 2016, is the third and final novel of the trilogy, and brings the characters together in one final hunt, pitting hundreds of men against the one wolf in a holy war of hatred, revenge and absolution.

This website is meant to introduce you, the reader, to the three books.  If you are interested, please check out my other websites, and  I hope you like the website, and I hope some day soon you will get a chance to enjoy these books. --- David Wood